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CASA's Child Abuse
Prevention Month Campaign

Pinwheels for a Purpose

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Fifteen years ago, Prevent Child Abuse America selected the pinwheel as the emblematic symbol for child abuse prevention. Pinwheel gardens, blooming across the United States during April, symbolize childhood joy while raising awareness for every child's universal right to a happy and healthy upbringing. In line with CASA's mission, we have integrated the pinwheel as the emblem

for our campaignPinwheels for a Purpose.


With your contribution, CASA will provide you with pinwheels to illuminate the issue of child abuse

and its impact on the children we serve. Join us in our quest to support the 400 children we

strive to serve this year by displaying 400 pinwheels throughout the community. 

Your contributions speak volumes against child abuse and help ensure that

every child we serve receives the dedicated advocacy they deserve.

How do you get involved?


Starting Monday, April 1st, we hope you will take the opportunity to make a meaningful contribution and claim your pinwheels to create your very own pinwheel garden. Once you've made your contribution feel free to swing by our office anytime between Monday and Friday,

from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, to collect them.

$5 - 1 Pinwheel

$20 - 5 Pinwheels

$75 - 25 Pinwheels

After deciding on the perfect location for your pinwheel garden (front yard, office, bedside table, windowsill, etc.) snap a picture for CASA to share across our social media platforms. We ask that you please send your photos to CASA’s Marketing Coordinator at, making sure to provide your name(s) in the body of your email. You can also share your pictures on your own social media accounts using the hashtags #CASAJWC and #CASAPinwheels.

From everyone here at CASA, we thank you for your support of our

Pinwheels for a Purpose campaign!

Check out our photo gallery of last year's participants!

We Need Your Support Today!

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