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Juliana Garcia Interviews CASA Volunteer Kim Robertson and CASA President and CEO Natalie Julian

Thursday, Jan 28, 2021

Shawnee Mission Post journalist Juliana Garcia recently interviewed CASA volunteer Kim Robertson and CASA of Johnson & Wyandotte Counties President & CEO Natalie Julian. Here is an excerpt:

"The intent behind becoming a CASA volunteer was to be a constant in children’s lives, Robertson said.

Although the emotional labor can be challenging — especially for Robertson, who works mostly with newborns whose cases last until they’re about two or three — she said being a person the kids can rely on keeps her going.

“When I come into children’s houses and they recognize me and they run to me and they smile, I know I’m making a difference,” Robertson said.

“The concern is that any child who does not have that opportunity won’t be able to show the same positive outcomes,” Julien said. “Our team works to identify CASA volunteers that can match with each of these children, but we definitely need more volunteers to help work through that waiting list.”

Additionally, 95% of the children who have worked with CASA volunteers in the last eight years have not been re-abused or re-entered the court systems.


Read the entire interview on the Shawnee Mission Post.